California Energy Commission Imposes Fine On Whole House Fan Manufacturer

We recently learned that the California Energy Commission (CEC) has entered into a settlement agreement with QC Manufacturing (The manufacture of Quiet Cool Fans) for “stating greater air flow and air flow efficiency data than could be verified by the Commission’s testing laboratory, in violation of sections 1606(a)(3)(E)(l) and 1608.” As part of the settlement agreement QC Manufacturing must pay $205,000 to the California Energy Commission and notify customers who purchased QC whole house fans prior to July l 8, 20 I 6, to address any concerns they might have with the air flow rate and air flow efficiency of their fans.

Since there are no Federal standards other than truth in advertising laws to specifically keep people in our industry honest, we at QA-Deluxe Fans are grateful to the California Energy Commission for ensuring that customer receive what they paid for.

Click here to view the actual settlement agreement.

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