A collage of the two damper types available with QA-Deluxe fans.
The dampers available with QA-Deluxe fans. More Photos

Whole House Fan Dampers

When ordering some models of QA-Deluxe Whole House Fan you get to choose your damper option: A Back Draft Damper with an R5 insulation value, or an actuated damper, with an R10 or R50 insulation value. If keeping the heat or cold out is a priority for you, an actuated damper will do just that.

You choose your damper when you add a Whole House Fan to your shopping cart.


Damper options for the QA-4800, QA-5500, and QA-6500 whole house fans are:

A photo of the open R5 back draft damper, viewed from the bottom.

Insulated R5 Gravity Backdraft Damper

Industrial grade gravity fed back draft damper requires no power and is standard with all CentricAir whole house fans. The R5 insulated gravity damper is designed keep attic air from entering the living space when the whole house fan is not in use.

A photo of the Cold Weather and Extreme Cold Weather damper viewed from the top.

Cold Climate Damper (Ceiling or Wall Mount)

Designed for cold climates, the Cold Climate Damper (available with CentricAir 2.7, 3.4, & 4.0 and QA-Deluxe 4800, 5500 and 6500 models only) is powered by a heavy-duty actuator that is tested to 60,000 cycles. The damper door is insulated to R-10, (upgradable to R-50), to help ensure an air tight seal whenever your whole house fan is not in use. The damper can be installed vertically or horizontally.

For regions of the country where it gets extremely cold, the damper door of the R-50 version is insulated with a combination of standard fibreglass insulation and VIP panel (vacuum insulation panel) to achieve its R-50 insulation rating.